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Tropic 3D – A Boutique Innovation and 3D Print Lab in Lake Worth, Florida







Our Story

Empowering people to create.

Tropic 3D is a boutique innovation lab near West Palm Beach to break down barriers in product development by increasing access to digital manufacturing technology. We use our 3D design, engineering, and business development expertise to help people and companies get their ideas off the ground.

We’ve always said that we are a B2B business when describing the type of clients we work with. However, a much better representation would be B2E: Business-to-Entrepreneur. Although we often work with other businesses, we still consider most clients entrepreneurs…or intrapreneurs.

We work with people who are trying to improve or create new products. The range of people we work with is wide, from hobbyists to inventors working multiple jobs to small business owners and employees at large corporations. The label B2B does not fully encompass what we do.

It is an entrepreneurial technology because 3D printing constantly evolves and revolutionizes manufacturing. 3D design can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Whether it’s to create a new design, improve an old one, design a product, or design for manufacturing, you will likely be able to do so with 3D printing and 3D design. Entrepreneurs from industries like automotive, aerospace and manufacturing, consumer products, architectural engineering, construction, healthcare, and medical devices, use 3D technology to innovate.

We are proud of our ability to work with people from West Palm Beach, Miami, and other places who are passionate about progress and think outside the box. Every client or project we work with teaches us something new. Our mutual success depends on our ability to incorporate entrepreneurial thinking in everything we do.

Our Mission

Accelerating innovation by connecting people with the power of additive manufacturing.

We imagine a world where everyone can innovate, from daydreamers to design teams to entrepreneurs. 3D printing allows users to communicate with physical forms and create specialized solutions. We aim to design and manufacture virtually any physical item for clients using our 3D printing expertise and technologies.

Our Vision

Making single-part production to new product design accessible for those at any stage.

We use 3D printing to accelerate your time-to-market so you can meet your customers’ expectations faster. We work with you to 3D-design, 3D-prototype, and 3D manufacture your parts from a single source.

Meet our Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

Tropic 3D was founded by a consummate creator and maker extraordinaire, Gil Bresnick.

Gil Bresnick

Some Companies and Products We Work With

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